General Terms and Conditions of Lease IL Sodino 1738 - locazione turistica.

The General Terms and Conditions of Rental are an integral part of the Rental Agreement concluded between the Guest and the Landlord on the basis of an approved reservation.


 Check-in 16:00-20:00

Check-out 10:00


IL Sodino 1738 is a private property whose owners provide independent apartments for guests. We care about ecology, respect for nature and the well-being of our guests. The house is a place for people who expect peace and quiet.


You are renting one of 8 apartments, not the entire house at your disposal, so you have to adapt to the house rules.

The house has a private part of the hosts, which is not a common area for guests - a terrace on the lake side on the ground floor and a terrace above the reception.

Please do not violate our privacy. Thank you 🙏


 The offer of IL Sodino 1738 is addressed to cultured, calm people looking for rest in harmony with nature, and we, as hosts, try to provide all guests with conditions that meet their expectations. Therefore, please book your stay at IL Sodino 1738 only if you are looking for such a place.


Purpose of the premises

The guest rents the apartment only for short-term rental purposes for 24 hours, on the terms included in the reservation, also known as tourist or holiday rental. This is not a lease for residential purposes.

No business activity may be conducted on the premises.


Swimming pool

Although there is a swimming pool at IL Sodino 1738, it is not a water park or a party place.

Laguna Aquapark is located 2 km from the house.

Our swimming pool is open from May 1 to October 1 from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. During other hours, service processes are in progress and it is impossible to use the pool during these hours.

The pool is for swimming and cooling down. It is forbidden to run around the pool and it is TOTALLY PROHIBITED to jump into the water, play music or organize parties.

Each time before entering the water, you must use the pool shower to wash off creams and sweat.

Children must be under adult supervision in and around the pool. We ask that children, through their behavior, do not violate the well-being of other guests and harmony with nature.

It is absolutely unacceptable to satisfy your physiological needs in the pool. In such a case, the Guest will be charged with the costs of replacing the water in the pool, necessary disinfection and other costs incurred.



Before each time leaving the premises, the Guest is obliged to close all windows and fold the umbrella in front of the apartment to avoid damage caused by a sudden change in weather.

You should also check that all electrical appliances have been disconnected and all taps are turned off. Before leaving the apartment, be sure to turn off the air conditioning and heating. Shutters are used to protect against excessive sunlight. It is prohibited to use electrical devices that are not included in the apartment.

Pets cannot be left alone in the apartment.

Damage caused by the Guest's negligence during his absence or after moving out (CHECK-OUT) will be charged to the Guest.

Please do not kill insects on the walls and ceilings, as we will have to charge you for painting the premises.


Safety on the premises

The guest is responsible for the safety of himself and his guests while staying in the premises. The landlord is not responsible for any risky behavior of people staying in the premises.

In particular, it is prohibited to store materials hazardous to health on the premises: toxic, explosive and other illegal substances.



The guest undertakes to keep the premises clean and to follow the rules of order. The rules of maintaining order also apply in parking spaces for vehicles and throughout the property, including relaxation areas and gazebos.

It is necessary to Segregate waste, which should be separated at the stage of collection in the apartment.

Failure to segregate CORRECTLY, in accordance with the information on the containers in the parking lot, may result in an additional fee or deduction from the deposit. Italian services carefully control the received waste and impose high fines for failure to comply with CORRECT WASTE SEGREGATION.



At IL Sodino 1738, we care about ecology. That's why we promote the principle of zero waste - water, waste, energy. We turn off the lighting, TV, electric stove, air conditioning or heating before leaving the apartment.


We segregate waste. We use and encourage the use of biodegradable products.



The main guest, i.e. the person for whom the contract is concluded, is responsible for the persons staying in the premises in terms of compliance with all General Terms and Conditions of Lease. No more people can stay in the premises than those registered during the reservation or at the latest at check-in.

In Italy, there is a legal obligation to report every guest to the Alloggiati system.



The building complies with noise emission standards. Commonly used night curfew hours: from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. The guest will comply with the night curfew rules and maintain good relations with neighbors (e.g. inform in advance about planned social gatherings). To respect the comfort of other guests, social gatherings in the garden are only allowed at the Gazebo Meeting Place.

We do not meet by the pool or on the main lawn.



A deposit of EUR 100 for each apartment is collected in cash upon check-in. The deposit is refundable upon check-out unless an event requiring repair of the damage occurs.


Air conditioning/heating

The house has thick stone walls and therefore not all guests need air conditioning. For this reason, this additional service is not included in the offer.

 You will be able to assess on site whether you really need it and if so, just inform the staff.

We recommend:

- during hot weather - closing the internal shutters during the day so that the sun does not heat up the apartment rooms too much, and opening them when the sun no longer shines directly.

 - on colder days - opening the internal shutters to let the sun warm the rain.

The flat fee for air conditioning is €10/day.


Keys and locks

Unauthorized installation of an additional lock or replacement of the door lock is unacceptable. If the Guest loses his key or gate remote control, please contact the Landlord as soon as possible to establish a plan of action.

Emergency opening of the door by the Landlord in the event of the Guest losing the keys or temporary lack of access to the keys will charge the Guest with the following administrative costs:

Weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. - EUR 50, other hours and holidays - EUR 100.

 The cost of duplicating keys or a new lock due to a lost key will be charged additionally to the Guest.


Premises maintenance

The Guest undertakes to inform the Landlord about all defects, damage and problems occurring in the premises. In the event of an emergency, first notify the rescue services (fire brigade, police, gas emergency service, energy emergency service, ambulance) and then the Landlord. The costs of repairs resulting from negligence or improper use of the premises and equipment are borne by the Guest, and the costs resulting from a defect before the Guest moved in (CHECK-IN) are borne by the Landlord.

The guest is obliged to constantly monitor the efficiency of devices affecting safety, i.e. electrical and sanitary. A leaking tap or a leaking toilet can cause flooding and additional damage, and will also increase water consumption, which has an impact on the ecology.


A meeting place - Gazebo

The socializing area is located at the top of the garden with beautiful views of the lake, island and sunset and is open until 11 p.m. Please do not disturb the peace and quiet after this hour. The other guests are definitely trying to sleep.

Please clean up your waste and return glasses, glasses and cutlery to the apartment.



Each apartment has a table, chairs and an umbrella for individual use by guests. Please do not move them to other parts of the garden.

There are sufficient sun loungers with canopies by the pool. There is no need to reserve them. Please do not move the deckchairs to other places.

We take care of our garden for our own and our guests' pleasure. Please respect our work, do not litter, do not pick plants, flowers or fruit.

 Cigarette smoking and intoxicating substances.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises. Smoking is only allowed outside the building, provided that SAFETY rules, good coexistence and cigarette butts are removed. It is forbidden to throw butts on the ground.

In Italy, the use of narcotic substances is prohibited and punishable.



Please park your vehicles only in the designated area, in the fenced parking lot in front of the house, to the left of the entrance. Access to the apartment is only possible to unpack and pack luggage on the day of arrival and departure.

The parking lot on the property is closed, monitored, but unguarded. The owners of IL Sodino 1738 are not responsible for any damage related to guests' vehicles.


Landlord's Law

 The Landlord reserves the right to enter the apartment during the Guest's stay regardless of his presence in the apartment without the need for his consent, when there is a suspicion of committing a crime and in the event of an emergency (threat to life or property), important interest of the Guest or the Landlord or other urgent need of the Landlord, which cannot be fulfilled after the Guest moves out. With the Guest's consent in other cases.



 The Landlord's apartment insurance does not cover the Guest's personal belongings, the Guest's vehicle or the Guest's liability insurance. The Landlord recommends that the Guest purchases personal liability insurance and insurance for personal property in the premises.



We provide our guests with bicycles and Wi-Fi free of charge.


Additional services

 If the Guest selects one of the additional services or meets the conditions for its existence, e.g. moves in outside the standard CHECK-IN hours or leaves outside the standard CHECK-OUT hours, the Guest will cover the appropriate fees in accordance with the price list published on the website or communicated orally or in another way, such as e.g.: e-mail, telephone, SMS, messaging system in the reservation system.



Arrival with a pet is possible only if the Landlord gives consent for a specific animal in writing, e.g. in an email or text message, and pays for it in advance.

The owner, guardian of the animal, is obliged to take his pet outside the premises of IL Sodino 1738 so that the animal can meet its physiological needs there.

If any area of the property is contaminated by an animal, the Guest (owner/guardian) is obliged to clean up all waste after the animal. The guest undertakes to observe the rules of social coexistence and exercise control over his or her animal.

Due to the safety and well-being of other guests, animals are not allowed to roam loose on the premises of IL Sodino 1738.

The fee for each your pet is €30 for the entire stay.


End of lease

 After the end of the lease, the Guest undertakes to restore the premises to the condition on the day of arrival. On the day of receipt of the premises, the apartment should be emptied of items belonging to the guest and clean.

The costs of repairing damage caused by the Guest's behavior or omission in the premises and the above-standard costs of cleaning the premises will be borne by the Guest.

The Landlord takes no responsibility for items left by the Guest after the end of the stay or in the event of leaving the premises without notifying the Landlord before the end of the stay. They will be considered abandoned by the Guest and intended for disposal.

The Guest is liable to the Owner (Lessor) for any damage caused on general terms.


Thank YOU :-)

IL Sodino 1738

Publication and entry into force date 2023-01-01